Business English and Intercultural Training

How much does training cost?

The price of an in-house Business or Legal English course in Munich depends on a variety of factors such as course location, number of participants, material etc. Our courses are competitively priced whilst still offering the very best quality. One more thing – we strongly believe in our English training and therefore do not tie our clients down to long-term contracts unless you want to! Curious? Contact our friendly team today for a commitment-free quote and we’ll be happy to discuss a potential course with you.

Where does the training take place?

Most of our English courses take place at the client’s place of work, meaning our trainers come to you, saving you precious time and money and an annoying journey across town! Training typically takes place once a week for a total of two training units back-to-back (i.e. 1.5 hours). If you require more than this, for example in cases where you require an intensive course, we can certainly accommodate you. We are flexible when the training takes place and ready to work around your schedule.

Do you offer individual courses as well?

Yes we do! 1-1 courses are the perfect way to make progress fast. We would be happy to arrange for a trainer to visit you at your place of work or another venue of your choice.

How do I find the right course for me?

At the start of every course we carry out a needs analysis to identify how best we can help our clients. This is normally in the form of discussions with the course planner and an online test on the London School website, designed according to the European Framework of Languages. This way, we are able to give each group the customised training they require and at the same time make sure nobody is under- or over-challenged in the course. We then start working on a roadmap – where are we now and where do we want to be?

Who are your language trainers?

The success of any English training lies in the quality of the trainer. Our trainers are all native English speakers, with university backgrounds, have business experience and are CELTA qualified (or have a similar teaching qualification). They are friendly, dedicated, motivated and above all passionate about what they do! For more information please see: About our Trainers.

Will I learn British English?

Most of our clients are interested in learning British English and for this reason, as the name of our school suggests, most of our trainers do come from the UK. However, we are also lucky enough to have some wonderful trainers in our team from other English-speaking parts of the world, including the U.S., Canada, Malta and New Zealand. So whatever your preference is, we’ll be happy to accommodate you and share with you the wealth of our international experience.

How can I measure my success?

Real, measurable success is extremely important to us. This is why the London School roadmap is so important. Right from the start we establish with the help of a placement test and interviews where we are with a client’s English and where we want to be. On that basis we set intermittent, realistic and measurable goals to achieve this. Every training session is a waypoint along this road and we make sure we use the time productively. Click here to find out more about our training concept.

Blended Learning

What is blended learning and is it free?

Blended learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. This is the ideal combination of trainer time and learning at home. At London School, we believe that our participants should never be prohibited from learning in their spare time, which is why we make a variety of online courses available for free to our clients! The idea behind the online exercises is that participants can practise certain topics (for example the Present Perfect) at home in their spare time after they have studied them in class. This really accelerates their learning and reaching their language goals.

Additional blended learning services

In addition to our free London School online exercises, we also offer a service to clients who require a more “hands on” blended learning approach. For a small fee, we correct emails and explain the reasoning behind our corrections, provide conversational training via Skype and offer help in writing reports and presentations.

Can I access blended learning via mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! Our free and premium blended learning services can be accessed across a whole range of devices allowing you to study whenever and wherever you want.

Translating and proofreading

What do you translate/proofread?

We provide translating and proofreading services for a number of different projects, both large and small. Generally, our expertise lies in translating banking and finance, marketing, IT English and Legal English texts. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to keep the original author’s voice and make sure the translation or proofread text sounds as natural as possible.

How fast can you translate or proofread my project?

This very much depends on our workload and the size of the project but for smaller projects and urgent enquiries we generally aim for a turnaround time of 48 hours.

How much does translation and proofreading cost?

We can only provide an individual quote once we know more about the project. For larger projects, we generally charge per word, but for projects which require more time and creativity (for example marketing campaigns) we charge by the hour. Our rates are always reasonable and the quality of our work is high, which is why the majority of our translation work generally comes from repeat customers.

General questions

Why should I choose London School?

We know there are many training centres to choose from for your language needs so why choose us? Well, simply put, we are really passionate about what we do and think learning English should be both fun and productive! After many years of doing what we love, we believe we’ve developed a pretty good concept to deliver long-lasting results and make you more confident in speaking English. Don’t just take our word for it though! Here are some nice things our clients have had to say about us: Google Reviews

Your training centre is called The London School. Are you from London?

Yes! I was born and raised in London but have lived and worked in a variety of different countries throughout my career.