Present Perfect is one of the most challenging grammatical points in the English language. For most of our Business English participants, the Present Perfect in English is very different to the Present Perfect in their own language. This means having to grapple with difficult concepts such as finished and unfinished timeframes and past actions that have an impact on now.

Below is a brief explanation of the Present Perfect which you can print off and add to your London School folders. Afterwards, try the quiz below.

Download (PDF, 183KB)

London School students – Download these rules for your folder using the link above.

Decide between Present Perfect and Simple Past using the verbs or hints in the brackets and practice other aspects of the tense. Don’t forget the ‘helping verb’ if necessary. Contractions are permitted.

1. “Profits (go up) 20% this quarter.”

2. “Things (to not be) the same since the new management took over.”

3. “What jobs (to have) since you (to leave) school?”

4. “I (to go) to Oktoberfest in 2015.”

5. “Munich (to undergo) many changes throughout its history.”

6. “I (to see) Alex every day for the last two months.”

7. “Have you written the email                        ? (so far, already, yet)

8. Munich (to be) recently named in an article last week, as one of the top twenty cities in the world to live in.

9. Jane (to live) in many different countries around the world. In 2010 she (to live) in Brazil and in 2014 she (to live) in New York but since 2015 she (to live) in Munich.

10. “Yesterday, I (to go) to the cinema. I  (to see) the Jungle Book. It was a great film. I (to be) to the cinema twice this week.”

11. “The number of employees learning English (to rise) 20% in the company since 2015.”

12. “I have never been (in,on,at,to) New Zealand.”

13. Dear John,

Thank you for the info you (to send) me.  It was very useful.

14. “I (to eat) anything all day. I’m starving!”

15. “Where’s Ben?”

“Oh, he (to go) on holiday. He won’t be back until next week.”




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