Many of our Business English students in Munich have already looked at successful interview techniques on their English courses both from the perspective of the potentially new employee and also from the Human Resources side. Below is a humorous take on this subject.

Definitions you might need to understand the jokes and useful vocabulary:

  • Goal orientated: to be very focused on a task that needs to be accomplished. German: zielorientiert
  • Delegating responsibility: to distribute work to other people. German: Aufgaben oder Verantwortung delegieren
  • To worship something: to show reverence and adoration for a God. German: etwas verehren.
  • Productivity: the rate of output per unit of input. German: Produktivität
  • To emphasise: to show that something is very important. German: etwas betonen oder unterstreichen
  • To tip someone out: to hold an object at an angle until someone falls out. German: jemanden umkippen / von etwas werfen.



Do you have any funny interview experiences? Be sure to leave them in the comments section below!


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