The online English test is divided into three categories:

1) English grammar

2) English vocabulary

3) Business English comprehension

Questions, comments?  – Go ahead and leave them in the comments section at the end of the test, and we’ll get back to you.

Good luck!

Part 1: English grammar

1. Klaus, __________ the windows, please. It’s like a sauna in here!
2. I completely disagree! In my opinion the movie was __________ the book.
3. What is ____________ to learn, English, German or Bayerisch?
4. By this time next year, I _____________ a senior manager at BMW for five years.
5. Which phrase is correct?
6. A long time ago there __________ many more trees in the world.
7. My wife is afraid __________spiders.
8. Which word in the following sentence is incorrect?Each day after work, Jerome run five miles just for fun.
9. Which word in the following sentence is incorrect?Mr. Petry does not take critical of his work very well.


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