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Wir sind ein Unternehmen in München, das spezialisiert ist auf Dienstleistungen rund um die englischen Sprachanforderungen international ambitionierter Unternehmen. Für uns ist Qualität wichtiger als Quantität – daher besteht unser Team nur aus erfahrenen muttersprachlichen Trainern, die dank ihrer Motivation und Fähigkeit in der Lage sind, die gewünschten Ergebnisse schnell herbeizuführen. Unser Training ist by professionals for professionals.

Ten words you need to get right!

There are some words which can be tricky for Business English students to get right. Their, there or they're for example. But once you've had them explained, they will begin to come automatically to you and you won't even have to think about it. Check out this fun, easy-to-read cartoon, [...]

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Stative vs Active verbs

One of the most common challenges facing many learners of Business English is when to use '-ing'. Whilst there are many different rules governing this -e.g. Do we need a 'continuous' form, do we need a gerund (a verb made into a noun), there are some basic rules that can [...]

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10 Commonly mispronounced words

Below is a list of words that even native speakers sometimes get wrong. Read on if you wish to hone your pronunciation skills and then watch the video below to check your pronounciation. 1. The letter 'H'  How people pronounce it: haytch How it should be pronounced: aitch 2. Salmon [...]

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16 tricky words even native speakers get wrong!

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The Present Perfect

Present Perfect is one of the most challenging grammatical points in the English language. For most of our Business English participants, the Present Perfect in English is very different to the Present Perfect in their own language. This means having to grapple with difficult concepts such as finished and unfinished [...]

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