I decided to create a list of conjugated English verbs (based on the Oxford English grammar rules) to help with the grammar forms and also because I’ve had a number of students come to me with information printed off the web which was either a confusing mix of British and American English or in most cases, containing a number of errors.

This is not a definitive list of all the English verbs in existence, rather a list of only the most useful 🙂

Some verbs have been deliberately left out – namely words like smite that are only of interest to Biblical scholars (smite, smote, smitten in case you were wondering ) and those not heard since the days of Shakespeare.

For convenience sake, I have provided a download link beneath this embedded .pdf file, so you can print the list out and put it in your Business English folders for quick reference.


Download (PDF, 67KB)


Think you’ve know them all? Try our quiz to find out!



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1. sell

2. eat

3. cost

4. bite

5. show


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