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Countries with the best English: Germany?

A report from the Education First institution has revealed that the average level of adult English proficiency in the world has risen again since last year, but that the increase has varied greatly across countries, regions, and age groups.  Europe continues to dominate in English over the rest of the [...]

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Memorable Christmas Adverts

In England, Christmas has long been associated with John Lewis, a big department store that can trace its roots back to 1864 and specifically a humble store in London's Oxford Street. The main reason for this, is that every year the company produces an extremely memorable Christmas advert -  one [...]

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What does Christmas mean to you?

It is around this time of the year that many English people reflect on a sort of paradox gripping our country. In our 24/7 "everything you want, when you want" society we are suddenly confronted with the prospect of a total shut-down over Christmas which for a not-too religious country [...]

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An insider’s guide to London

England...when many foreigners think of the country, the old cliches spring to their minds of terrible weather, appalling food and warm beer.  A curious wonder then, that its capital London was ranked as the no.1 most visited tourist destination in the world in 2014 with an estimated 18.69 million visitors! [...]

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Five tips to supercharge your English

Learning a foreign language is not easy when you are not based in that country. Situations where one can practise are few and far between. The following tips though, in combination with some regular weekly language training, have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to significantly improve your English. [...]

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