Business English München

Our learning concept

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Training environment

When many people think of learning English, the first thing which comes to mind is their school days, when strict teachers, repetitive grammar exercises and a fear of making mistakes were daily occurrences.

At London School of Business English Munich we strongly believe that the best results are achieved in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and in collaboration rather than in competition with others. Only in such an environment are participants free to experiment, exchange ideas and make mistakes they can learn from. Our training methods increase motivation and participants actually enjoy the training rather than view it as labour. The immediate and long-lasting benefits we achieve advance your business as a whole.

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Training method

We view the language learning process as similar to building a house. First, a solid foundation must be created in the form of basic grammar and every-day core vocabulary. Afterwards, the walls have to be built and then everything else follows in clear and logical steps. This way, we believe that no matter what situation our clients face in the future, they will be able to confidently weather any storm.

A good house needs good builders. However, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teaching qualifications vary widely in quality. The London School of Business English Munich trainers are all CELTA-trained (the language course set and monitored by the University of Cambridge) and therefore teach you to the highest standard. (Our trainers’ CELTA certificates are available upon request).


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Training process

Our initial needs analysis aims to identify your language and business goals and enables us to prepare a strategy for your course, with clearly defined and measurable goals. We design a detailed and stimulating training tailored to your individual needs. We don’t believe in blindly following one course book, from which only 25% is relevant to you. We choose a variety of high quality materials (e.g. financial press and specialist journals) which are up-to-date and relevant to your goals and interests.

Clients are also encouraged to bring their business world into the classroom. Discussing emails, reports etc. gives our training an even more practical function. We increase participants’ talk time whenever possible through business role plays and discussions, increasing fluency and confidence rapidly.