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Countries with the best English: Germany?

A report from the Education First institution has revealed that the average level of adult English proficiency in the world has risen again since last year, but that the increase has varied greatly across countries, regions, and age groups.  Europe continues to dominate in English over the rest of the [...]

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Memorable Christmas Adverts

In England, Christmas has long been associated with John Lewis, a big department store that can trace its roots back to 1864 and specifically a humble store in London's Oxford Street. The main reason for this, is that every year the company produces an extremely memorable Christmas advert -  one [...]

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Funny job interview statements and strategies

Many of our Business English students in Munich have already looked at successful interview techniques on their English courses both from the perspective of the potentially new employee and also from the Human Resources side. Below is a humorous take on this subject. Definitions you might need to understand the [...]

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Business abbreviations and acronyms

IMO it's time for another Business English post. I.e a blog entry about abbreviations. FYI an abbreviation is a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase e.g Tues and an acronym is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters e.g FAO which means For [...]

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Conjugated English verb list

I decided to create a list of conjugated English verbs (based on the Oxford English grammar rules) to help with the grammar forms and also because I've had a number of students come to me with information printed off the web which was either a confusing mix of British and [...]

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